"He made me laugh. He made me cry. And that's what good music is all about."

Faith Petric, San Francisco

“One of the most beautiful and accomplished albums of sea songs I’ve ever heard. Cramer’s voice is a rich, mellifluous bass of superlative beauty – this guy was born to sing folk music.”

Dan Gilman, Sing Out!

“He’s got one helluva voice!”

Bob Shane, The Kingston Trio

“Hank’s voice is equally effective in a loud, driving shanty as it is in a quiet ballad – his rendition of Shenandoah is especially moving.”

Richard Adrianowicz, San Francisco Folknik

“A warm and welcoming voice in the manner of Gordon Bok. I want to hear more!”

James Tartas, Victory Review

“The rumbling bass voice of Hank Cramer works wonders in harmony and leads with authority.”

Steve Winick, Dirty Linen

“Cramer turns his multi-hued baritone to wonder-filled folk ballads, lilting Celtic airs, Canadian fishing songs, and brawling-voiced a capella sea chanteys. The seafaring tunes harken to a by-gone era. Cramer is one of the leading lights of the Northwest folk scene.”

Gene Armstrong, The Arizona Daily Star

“It’s refreshing to hear a songster sing a story with the passion and enthusiasm that Hank Cramer gives his listeners.”

Stew’s Reviews, Black Rose Acoustic Music Society

“A wonderful throwback to those hootenanny days of the past. Strong songs, hearty voices, and instrumental gusto to spare.”

Tom Druckenmiller, Sing Out!

“Listening to his rich voice booming out on this CD, you can’t help but tap your foot and sing along!”

Jerry Kooken, Customer Review,

“The first thing you notice when you hear Hank Cramer is that deep, smooth-as-glass, pure-as-honey bass voice…a resonating full voice that adds class to everything it sings. It’s old-fashioned and wholesome and demands attention. These great tunes have never sounded better.”

James Rodgers, Victory Review

“Big brawny man with a big brawny voice…sounding much like The Kingston Trio’s Bob Shane. His vocals are commanding, yet can be tender…”

Stew’s Reviews, Black Rose Acoustic Music Society